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Waste Management has the recycling bins you need in Laval. 

Safely get rid of a number of different materials, including:

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Paper and cardboard

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Periodic services

If you own a rental property, retail store, or restaurant or you manage a shopping plaza, office building or an apartment complex, periodic recycling services can take your business to the next level.Waste Management can aid you through the decision process, helping you choose from a variety of cost effective and efficient solutions.

Waste Management provides spectacular options for recycling and disposal services. Choose us and take advantage of:
  • Highly competitive prices, so you get the best possible deal
  • Supportive solutions customizable to your specific requirements, from frequent service to a one-time pick up
  • A single supplier that meets your needs, making your job simpler

Project services

Working on a construction or renovation project? We carry an extensive range of recycling containers to get rid of materials safely. Adding on to our comprehensive recycling techniques, we also provide “a la carte” service for events, like:

  • Garbage pick-up
  • Installation and pick up of recycling tools
  • Bin rental
  • Installation of portable toilets

Our professionals from Laval know the importance of recycling responsibly.

As the biggest company in Quebec focusing on management of organic, recyclable and waste materials, Waste Management can provide the right solution for all your recycling needs.

Dial our number at 438-814-7962 or complete our form today to see how we can help you construct a recycling process that meets your requirements.


Residual Waste Management.

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Tailored solutions in Laval for the recovery and recycling of waste material.

Waste Management offers a complete range of products and services for individuals and businesses that coverall waste disposal and recycling needs.

Waste Management—one choice, three times the benefits:

  • A single supplier that covers all your needs, making your work easier
  • Reliable, quality services and optimal solutions
  • Highly competitive prices