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Recycling bins in Quebec could be used:

  • Cardboard, paper, metal, glass
  • Restaurants
  • Apartments/condominiums
  • Businessess
  • > Recycling in Quebec

Periodic services

Do you own a business, rental property or retail establishment? Manage an apartment complex, shopping centre or office building?

RCI determines your needs (bins, containers, compactors, etc.) taking into account the amount and type of waste you have, and then proposes efficient, cost-effective services.

Project services

Completing a construction or renovation project?

No matter how big or small your project is, we offer a full range of containers for worry-free disposal of your materials.

Organizing an event?

We offer a comprehensive service that covers all of your needs, or an à la carte service that can be adapted to any type of event. Our services include:

  • Bin rental
  • Installation and pick-up of recycling equipment
  • Garbage pick-up
  • Installation of portable toilets

Residual Waste Management.
Managing today, for a better tomorrow.

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Tailored solutions in Quebec for the recovery and recycling of waste material.

RCI offers a complete range of products and services for individuals and businesses that coverall waste disposal and recycling needs.

RCI—one choice, three times the benefits:

  • A single supplier that covers all your needs, making your work easier
  • Reliable, quality services and optimal solutions
  • Highly competitive prices